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Sales (Re-sale)

Employees in the Resale function ensure seamless transactions and maintain a deep understanding of products and services offered, fostering strong connections with clients for lasting relationships and satisfaction.


The visibility team is responsible for enhancing the prominence and exposure of products or brands within retail environments. This team collaborates closely with retailers to ensure optimal shelf placement, impactful signage, and compelling displays that captivate customers' attention.


Finance team members diligently manage financial transactions, ensuring accuracy and compliance while providing valuable insights to support strategic decision-making and optimize financial performance.


Logistics team members coordinate the seamless movement of goods, from sourcing to delivery, ensuring timely and efficient distribution while optimizing routes and minimizing costs.

I.T Systems

Information technology professionals oversee the technological infrastructure of the organization, ensuring seamless operation of hardware, software, and networks. They implement and maintain security measures to protect data and systems, troubleshoot technical issues.

Human Resource

Human resource professionals cultivate a vibrant workplace culture by recruiting, training, and supporting employees, fostering their growth and development, and ensuring compliance with labor laws and company policies to sustain a productive and harmonious work environment.

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