Scale your brand in India with confidence

   End-to-End Distribution is our specialty, covering the entire country, with our main headquarters located in Delhi/NCR. As an FMCG distributor, we handle every aspect of the distribution process, from product sell-in to sell-out, maximizing your brand's reach and success in the Indian market.

We place your products in every Distribution Channels in India

salesman of a distribution company with retailerFMCG and grains in indian wholesale shopInside the Indian Supermarket, in modern trade channela kid picking FMCG products from shelf from regional chain storeOutside of a Cash & Carry Metro  Two parcels delivered from Amazon E-Commerce PlatformOn roll Delivery executive riding on scooter to deliver the deliveryWH Smith Showroom entry gateA policemen, a public servant standing in CPC canteen
salesman of a distribution company with retailer

1. General Trade

General trade, comprising retailers and small stores, is the largest and most prevalent channel in India. It forms a key part of our distribution network, enabling widespread market coverage for your products.

100k+ Traditional Retailers
20k+ Cosmetic Stores
20k+ Pharmaceutical Stores
FMCG and grains in indian wholesale shop

2. Traditional Wholesale

VTC, as a FMCG wholesale Distributors, caters to over 3,700 essential accounts in traditional wholesale, stratified as Platinum, Gold, and Silver tiers according to business scale and potential growth.

60+ Platinum Wholesalers
650+ Gold Wholesalers
3000+ Silver Wholesalers
Inside the Indian Supermarket, in modern trade channel

3. Modern Trade (National)

Establish exclusive partnerships with top Indian retail chains to enhance sales and brand visibility through optimized shelf space and displays, maximizing market reach and impact.

a kid picking FMCG products from shelf from regional chain store

4. Modern Trade (Regional)

We've forged strong ties with regional store chains and are expanding to include new outlets, ensuring broad coverage and continued growth.

Outside of a Cash & Carry Metro

5. Cash & Carry

We collaborate with International and national companies in India's cash and carry retail sector, ensuring widespread market presence.

Two parcels delivered from Amazon E-Commerce Platform

6. E-Commerce

Utilize our expert e-commerce team to boost your brand's visibility and competitiveness on top online retail platforms in India, using effective strategies and established methods.

On roll Delivery executive riding on scooter to deliver the delivery

7. Quick Commerce

Boost product visibility on India's fast-growing quick commerce platforms, expanding reach, driving sales, and reaching more customers effectively.

WH Smith Showroom entry gate

8. Airports

We've forged unique partnerships with airport retailers, offering travelers premium products for their convenience on-the-go.

A policemen, a public servant standing in CPC canteen

9. CPC Canteen

Ensuring your products are available among preferred choices for public servants and amplifying reach to diverse consumer bases.

360 Distribution Chassis

A saleman crossing a street

01. Sales Team

At the heart of our expansive distribution network lies a dedicated team of over 400+ highly trained sales executives. These experts, meticulously nurtured in-house, drive our success across India's diverse markets.
product visibility team placing the products in departmental store

02. Product Visibility

We meticulously manage SKU positioning based on strategic touchpoints within Indian stores, ensuring easy customer access and alignment with key buying journeys.
a delivery person delivering goods to a retail store

03. Logistics

Our 500+ dedicated delivery executives ensure reliable, time-sensitive shipments across India, fulfilling all your distribution needs with unwavering excellence.
Big Warehouse with FMCG Goods

04. Warehouse

Across India, our strategic network of 44 branches guarantees efficient storage and management of your goods. These are backed by 4 expansive mother warehouses, totaling 30 acres, ensuring seamless inventory control and distribution.
A packaging carton making

05. Packaging Material

Meticulously chosen packaging guarantees flawless arrival from warehouse to customer. Top-notch protection ensures your goods reach their destination safe and sound.
live order tracking

06. Live Order Tracking

Our mobile teams leverage cutting-edge software on advanced PDAs. This empowers real-time order tracking and insightful analytics, optimizing processes like order taking, syncing, invoicing, and delivery for unmatched efficiency.
financial department doing taxes

07. Daily Critical Report

We track key metrics like sales figures, delivery statuses, store feedback, and damage control efforts - all in real-time across 1,45,000+ stores. Leverage these actionable insights to make data-driven decisions and swiftly adapt to evolving market dynamics.
accounts department doing taxes

08. Financial Management

Our finance experts meticulously oversee vendor financial policies and streamline invoicing processes, fostering the efficient operation of the business. By carefully managing these financial aspects, we contribute to the financial health and overall success of your enterprise.

Supporting Services

1. Below The line Activities

Our below-the-line activities involve strategically deploying our team for in-store sampling and engaging customers across diverse channels like e-commerce, quick commerce, and modern trade, enhancing brand visibility and boosting sales.

2. Promotor Activities

Our promoter activities entail deploying dedicated personnel for specific roles and timeframes, with clearly defined objectives that we closely monitor, ensuring optimal performance and results.

3. Visual Merchandising

We craft custom point-of-sale displays that seamlessly integrate with retail partners' spaces. Through collaborative planning, we ensure perfect alignment with brand needs and goals, maximizing in-store impact.